Vacuum forming of plastic sheets

The thermoplastic industry has products which are all around us; they are popular because of their relatively low cost compared with other moulding methods. Global vacuum press technology is the most suitable for thermoforming ABS, acrylic glass (PMMA), Kydex, PVC, Polystyrene (PS), and PETG thermoplastic sheets. Depending on the tool shape, type of plastic, material thickness and sheet size, one of two processes can be used for plastic material in the thermoplastic industry.

vacuum forming press thermoforming plastics


3D plastic sheet vacuum forming

3D vacuum forming / thermoforming, e.g. protective housing, casings, decorative panels, printed PETG.

2D plastic vacuum forming

Thermoforming simple shapes, e.g. edge guards, windshields, door mouldings, profiles.

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