Family business with extensive experience

Driven by the idea of simplifying the production of moulded wooden parts by vacuum, Teresa Ramirez and Anton Nabuurs founded Global Vacuum Presses in 1991. Since then, Global has grown from a relatively little-known family business into a worldwide success, with years of experience and expertise in engineering and manufacturing heat and vacuum press solutions for the aviation, automotive, composites, solid surface, sublimation, thermoforming and woodworking industries.

We offer a wide range of vacuum membrane presses, pre-heating ovens & heating stations, hot presses, foil lamination vacuum presses, sublimation heat presses and hydraulic presses, with optional features that allow us to best meet individual customers’ needs.


Nabuurs Developing S.L was founded in 1990 by Anton Nabuurs and Teresa Ramirez in the Netherlands. During the early years, Mr Nabuurs worked as a one-man company installing kitchens and selling bags and vacuum pumps. In 1993 Mr Nabuurs invented his first vacuum membrane press and his main business activities were slowly transformed into the production and sale of vacuum membrane presses. In 2000, Mr Nabuurs moved with his sole proprietorship to Spain and began producing vacuum presses under the brand name “Global Vacuum Presses”.

In the last 13 years in Spain, the organisation has grown from a one-man company to a small company with approximately 20 employees. Although the company has grown exponentially, the organisational approach of the management has been kept to revolve around a short-term perspective. This has resulted in the organization striving to keep up with market demand, as business structures no longer fit the organization’s current needs.

Initially, the company was established in Manises, Valencia, where they operated for approximately 10 years, but as the company has grown, they moved their headquarters in 2011 to a larger warehouse located in Moncada, Valencia, where they currently run their business activities.

Always focused on customer requirements

Moreover, for today’s demanding and market-specific heat and vacuum press challenges, we offer our expertise and research and development centre for feasibility studies to determine the right adhesives, heating technology, temperature (-curves) and vacuum pressure (-steps) for each particular material and application. We listen to our clients and work closely with them to fulfil their project requirements.

Small in size but great in innovation, productivity and efficiency

Our belief in the value of company flexibility and innovation is linked to our desire to remain a strong family business; we are constantly striving for self-improvement and always looking to maximise productivity and efficiency. Today, we are a team of 21 internationally-focused and service-oriented professionals, communicating in a total of 5 different languages.

We are constantly striving for self-improvement and always looking to maximise efficiency.

Anton Nabuurs, CEO

Extensive knowledge and expertise

Our work is based on over 28 years of practical experience with vacuum membrane press applications in the composites, solid surface and woodworking industries.

Competent advice and assistance

We offer comprehensive advice to develop individually appropriate solutions and provide optimal support during implementation.

In-house production

The almost completely in-house production ensures the proven Global quality across the entire process chain from development, 3D drawings, construction, assembly to installation.

Market-specific solutions

We listen to you and work closely with you to fulfil your project requirements, drawing on our many years of experience and feasibility studies in our research and development centre.

Technical support

Technical support in 5 different languages and onsite service — we won’t leave you in the lurch but rather provide individual support as required.

Training centre

We offer operator training for solid surface and woodworking applications on educational moulds, helping to prepare you for an efficient, modern production environment.

Research and development

Take advantage of our research and development centre for feasibility studies to determine the right adhesives, temperatures, times and vacuum pressure for your material.

Innovative, practical and cost-effective

We always strive for perfection, pay close attention to market developments and listen to our customers to develop the most innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions.

Our clients

Worldwide customers range – from family businesses up to international companies