3D thermoforming of decorative foils

The foil lamination process for two- or three-dimensional shaped/routed MDF panels with decorative foils (rigid thermofoils, or RTF) enables the creation of extraordinarily resistant surface finishes in an easy, economical thermoforming procedure. Today there are countless decorative PVC & PET foil designs available, with a wide variety of solid colours, abstract designs, and authentic wood and stone effects. They are ideal for the production of kitchen doors & elements, fronts and furniture components.

In the thermofoil industry, the foils are designed to soften when heated, and can then be vacuum formed over the pre-glued 2D & 3D shaped profiles and panels, immediately bonding to them. Global offers membrane-less vacuum presses with hot air or IR heating lamps to apply PVC or similar components in the thermofoil industry to 3D shaped substrates.

Rigid thermofoil lamination wrapping covering


Three-dimensional thermofoil lamination

3D foil lamination/wrapping of routed MDF panels, e.g. kitchen fronts, cabinets and furniture.

Two-dimensional thermofoil lamination

2D foil lamination/wrapping of pre-shaped profiles, e.g. door profiles, wood mouldings.

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