Veneering, laminating and bending wood

In the woodworking industry, there are vacuum presses which are designed for vacuum pressing curved laminated shapes, which is often referred to as bent lamination or form veneering. This form of pressing is undoubtedly the primary application of Global vacuum membrane presses, though there are of course other applications than the woodworking industry such as flat pressing, laminating of HPL decors and veneers, profile veneering, and glueing of solid wood, among others.
Wood veneers with rigid or flexible boards are the materials traditionally used to create flat and shaped wooden components. These days, new materials such as foamed plastics and honeycomb structures are used as a core material, while modern finishes such as HPL decors, aluminium, leather, textiles, flexible natural stone and plastic materials enable the creation of distinctive new products that are elegant, lightweight, convenient and stable.

laminated curved acoustic woodpanels


Bent laminations and form veneering

Vacuum pressing curved laminated shapes using wood veneers, HPL decors, flexible MDF & plywood boards and other materials, in just one step.

Flat pressing of panels, veneers and laminates

Easily creating wooden panels with veneers, decorative laminates and high-gloss materials. Also applicable with particle boards, MDF, plywood, multiplex and honeycomb materials.

Gluing panels and solid wood edges

Flexible production by pressing your own panels and gluing solid timber edges without the need for clamps.

Veneering profiles

Gluing veneers to 2D shaped MDF or solid wood profiles, for example hand rails or door profiles.

High-strength bonding

Pressing veneers and laminates using heat-activated adhesive and resins. Ideal for reducing cure times of white glue (PVAc) and pressing high-strength components with UF adhesives.

Recommended presses