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— From Spain to the rest of the world —

Global Vacuum Presses has distributors all over the world.
Together we strive to bring the highest quality and offer vacuum solutions all over the world.

Partners of Global Vacuum Presses

Biesse Ibérica

Biesse Ibérica is the manufacturer of machinery for the woodworking industry.
Together with Global Vacuum Presses, we are able to combine know-how and high-quality products to offer the best solutions for any company.

Take a look at the website of Biesse for more information about their newest Rover machines which are the best on the woodworking market or one of many other machines they offer.

Atmos Vakuumpressen

Atmos Vakuumpressen is our partner in Germany, together with their help we keep customer service and product quality at the highest level possible.

Atmos Vakuumpressen has started this partnership to help improve their position on the market and together we keep innovating our products to bring the best solutions to the customer.

Take a look at their new line of products by clicking the button below.

Atmos by Global Vacuum Presses
Atmos by Global Vacuum Presses

Global Vacuum Presses North-America

Because of our partnership with Global Vacuum Presses North-America, we are able to offer high-quality customer service in the North of America whereby we can make on-site visits possible and quick reparation of machines.

Together with Global Vacuum Presses we strive to expand our business all around the globe and remain to have personal contact with every individual customer.

For more information about Global Vacuum Presses North-America visit their website by clicking the button down below.