Large-format sublimation of hard and thermoformable substrates

Global’s sublimation technology is the result of many years of development and expertise, providing excellent sublimation print transfer results for large formats. The sublimation process consists of Global’s vacuum-contact-heating technology that guarantees gentle, even heat and pressure distribution throughout the entire thickness and surface of the material. Global’s technology has proven its outstanding quality in the sublimation industry on a variety of hard substrates, including aluminium, glass, metal sheeting, acrylic glass, thermoplastics, HPL, resins, acrylic Solid Surfaces and wood.

The new technology of Global Vacuum Presses makes it possible for sublimating ceramics. Take a look at our Sublimation vacuum press to see all the possibilities.


Large-format sublimation of hard substrates

Flat sublimation of hard materials, e.g. aluminium, glass, acrylic glass, HPL, and wood.

Sublimation and thermoforming

Sublimation and vacuum forming into 2D or 3D shapes, e.g. Solid Surface, plastics, acrylic materials.

3D sublimation of hard substrates

Sublimation of pre-shaped 3D objects, e.g. shower plates made out of resins, and shelves made out of aluminium or other metals.

Recommended machines for the sublimation industry