Production of car dashboards, side panels, covers and wood trims

Global offers solutions for the production of luxury car dashboards, side panels, arm rests, covers, wood panels and trims, and similar decorative components. Global’s heated vacuum membrane presses are the ideal machine for wrapping and covering these components with leather or fabrics, as well as veneering the interior wood trims and panels in the automotive industry.

Global’s advanced heating technologies with IR lamps and forced-air convection, straightforward monitoring systems and automatic production processes meet the demands of the automotive industry. They also provide optimal conditions to press heat-resistant high-strength bonding of 3D shaped composite components for car interiors.

Veneer dashboard and interior trim


Wrapping / covering car dashboards

Three-dimensional covering and pressing of dashboards with leather or artificial leather

Wood veneering of car panels and trims

High-strength veneering of interior panels and trims with natural wood veneers

Laminating car side panels and covers

Vacuum pressing and covering of side panels / covers with leather or fabrics

Recommended vacuum presses