The list below is our current inventory. If you are interested in any of the machines click on the machine link to see more information or contact us. Our inventory is constantly changing, machines below are sold on a first come first serve basis.

DescriptionSerial #MachineNote /CommentVoltage / Phase
Vacuum Press1701014GMP-A-3113 pnuematicDemo380 / 3P
Vacuum PressN/AGBP-1006-NR/SR00 (3 + 3)New380 / 3P
Vacuum Press1909150GMP-S-2513-NR00/2New220 / 1P
Vacuum Press1803037GTP-A-3113-SR00New380 / 3P
Vacuum Press2684095 2007MP-3113 (Membrane Press)Used380 / 3P
Thermofoil 3D PVC1904072G-TFP-2513New380 / 3P
Plastic Forming1711131G-PFM-0606Demo380 / 3P
Plastic Forming2008G-PFM-2111 (Hurtado)Used380 / 3P
Oven1910181GET-P-3714-1ZNew380 / 3P
Oven1903052GET-P-3110-1ZNew220 / 3P
Oven0911233GET-I-2510-3Z Used380 / 3P
Oven1205072GET-P-2510-1Z Used380 / 3P
Oven1909139GET-P-3110-1ZNew380 / 3P
Oven1909138GET-P-3110-1ZNew380 / 3P
Misc.N/A3D-PVC roll machine (Paternoster)New
Hydraulic Press5106GHP-P-1306New380 / 3P
Heated Vacuum Press1909142GS-S-3113-NR00New110 / 1P
Heated Vacuum Press0801107GS-P-2513Used381 / 3P
Combination Machine1902027GT-A-3116-00Demo380 / 3P
Combination Machine1200462G-TRIO-1313Demo380 / 3P
Combination Machine1904060DUO-PP-4015-SR00New380 / 3P
Combination Machine2001010GD-PS-3713-SR00 c/ventosasNew380 / 3P
Combination Machine2001007GD-PS-3113-SR00 c/ventosasNew380 / 3P