The multifunctional vacuum press: 3D foil lamination (PVC), woodworking, vacuum forming of Solid Surfaces and industrial applications in the automotive and composites industries

The heated vacuum press Sprinter Professional is a versatile vacuum membrane press equipped with a powerful heating hood. The machine has been specially developed for vacuum press applications with heat treatment (Hot pressing) and 3D foil lamination (3D PVC foiling / wrapping).

The well-insulated heating hood, with integrated turbine convection heating elements and smart air distribution by turbine ventilation, heats up to 140 ºC—features which enable a reduction in cure times of white glue (PVAc), PU and UF adhesives. To provide high-level detail in PVC foil lamination, the vacuum press is equipped with a powerful oil-lubricated vacuum pump that achieves higher vacuum pressure than oil-free vacuum pumps. The PLC automation system, operated by touchscreen display, comes with three production modes—Hot Pressing, Cold Pressing and PVC Foiling—and can be customised to meet the individual requirements of the customer.

In addition, for demanding press applications, the vacuum press can be equipped with infrared heating lamps and a heating/cooling platen worktop including programmed press cycles with heating, cooling and vacuum curves.


Easy to operate with automatic production cycles

Modes: Hot pressing, cold pressing and 3D foil lamination

Highly detailed 3D lamination results

Extra strong vacuum pressure with up to 9.9 t/m2

Robust and long-lasting machine design

For daily and industrial use

Quality production through heat application

Convection heating elements with smart air ventilation

Technical information





Press area

2540 x 1290 mm

3140 x 1290 mm

3740 x 1290 mm


PLC operated with touchscreen control
Manual operation and automatic mode
Vacuum control valve

Heating hood

Insulated heating hood, double wall design
2 or 3 convection heating elements
Max. heating temperature 140 ºC
Hydraulic-hinged opening-closing system

Vacuum pump

100 m3/h vacuum pump
Rotary vane, oil-free
Digital pressure switch (auto power ON/OFF)

Max. pressure

8.5 t/m2 = 150 mbar abs. (85% Vacuum)


Natural rubber, 2 mm
Latex, 1 mm
Silicone, 2 mm

Work top

18 mm wear- and heat-resistant HPL compact board
Grid line raster for perfectly even air evacuation
Working height ±900 mm


Adjustable anti-slip feet

Security system

3-sided security pull cord
Emergency Stop

Elec. connection

220/400V, 3~, 50/60 Hz

Max. power

25 kW

35 kW

35 kW


3330 x 1860 x 1950 mm

3930 x 1860 x 1950 mm

4530 x 1860 x 1950 mm


1550 kg

1730 kg

1900 kg


CE – Declaration of conformity
CO – Certificate of origin (on request)

Technical information may differ slightly.

Optional features of the Sprinter Professional vacuum press

Thermofoil top frame

Vacuum cups

Air turbines

Heating hood
up to 180 ºC

Infrared heating

Heating plate,
up to 220 ºC

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