Vacuum membrane press with 2 work tables and moveable heating hood for continuous production

The heated vacuum press Sprinter Industrial is an outstanding machine with two connected vacuum presses and moveable heating hood. This vacuum membrane press is designed for serial production and industrial hot press applications. The main field of application for the Sprinter Industrial is woodworking, in particular flat and shaped wood panel veneering, laminating and bending plywood into moulded components. However, it is increasingly being used for hot press applications of plastic and composite materials.
The well-insulated heating hood with turbine convection heating elements and Global’s smart air distribution heats up to 140 ºC and reduces cure times of white glue (PVAc), PU and UF adhesives. The heating hood is equipped with a pneumatic lifting and lowering system and can easily be moved manually sideways.

Optional features for the composites industry
Moreover, the optional features PLC Automation System and Infrared Heating Lamps are ideal for the automotive, aviation and composites industries, where hot press applications of prepreg carbon fiber composite materials are replacing metal or aluminium parts. The automation system offers automatic production cycles and process monitoring with the possibility of temperature curves and vacuum pressure steps.


High production output with two tables

No time loss during loading and unloading

Easy to operate

Automatic timer function and digital temperature control

Fast and continuously strong air evacuation

Equal to any challenge: 100 m³/h vacuum pump capacity

Easily moveable heating hood

 Manual sideways shifting with forced-air heating up to 140 ºC

Technical information





Press area

2x 2540 x 1290 mm

2x 3140 x 1290 mm

2x 3740 x 1290 mm


Manual operation
Vacuum control valve
Digital temperature control unit
Timer function

Heating hood

Insulated heating hood, double wall design
2 or 3 convection heating elements
Max. heating temperature 140 ºC
Pneumatic lifting-lowering system, manual sideways shifting

Vacuum pump

100 m3/h vacuum pump, rotary vane, oil-free
Pressure switch (auto power ON/OFF)

Max. pressure

9 t/m2 = 100 mbar abs. (90% Vacuum)



2 mm natural rubber or
1 mm latex or
2 mm silicone rubber

Work top

18 mm wear- and heat-resistant HPL compact board
Grid line raster for even air evacuation
Working height 900 mm


8 x adjustable anti-slip feet

Security system

Emergency Stop
Overheating protection

Elec. connection

220/400V, 3~, 50/60 Hz

Max. power

25 kW

35 kW

35 kW


5700 x 1890 x 1900 mm

6900 x 1890 x 1900 mm

8100 x 1890 x 1900 mm


2025 kg

2245 kg

2475 kg


CE – Declaration of conformity
CO – Certificate of origin (on request)

Technical information may differ slightly.

Optional features of the Sprinter Industrial vacuum press

PLC control

Vacuum cups

Heating hood
up to 180 ºC

Infrared heating

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