Vacuum pump tank systems and vacuum work tables

Global vacuum-pump-tank systems have been around for a while; they are used to boost the air evacuation when vacuum forming large objects.

The Global VPT models are an automatic running vacuum pump system with vacuum tank and are delivered complete with vacuum gauge, air filter, differential vacuum pressure switch and quick connectors. The high-quality Becker vacuum pumps are quiet and oil- and maintenance-free.
The built-in differential vacuum switch automatically turns the vacuum pump on and off to maintain the pre-set vacuum level and the wheel-mounted vacuum tank guarantees quick air evacuation.

In addition, Global offers oil-lubricated vacuum pumps for a max. vacuum of 1 mbar absolute (99% vacuum). Please contact us for further information.



Portable to job side

Easy moveable vacuum tank with independent vacuum pump

Fully-equipped system

Vacuum gauge, ON/OFF switch, air filter and quick couplers

Vacuum bag press systems available

Vacuum bags with flexible C-clip closure and vacuum hose

Available as versatile vacuum work table

Easy moveable work table with 4 x vacuum quick couplers

Technical information




Vacuum system

16 m3/h vacuum pump
Rotary vane, oil-free
100 litre vacuum tank

25 m3/h vacuum pump
Rotary vane, oil-free
300 litre vacuum tank

Operating mode


Max. pressure

8.5 t/m2 = 150 mbar abs. (85% Vacuum)


Portable vacuum tank with pump support
Vacuum pressure gauge
Back-check valve
Air filter
Quick coupler 2 x G½

Vacuum work table, moveable
Vacuum pressure gauge
Back-check valve
Air filter
Quick coupler 2 x G½ and 2 x G1

Elec. connection

110/230V, 1~, 50/60 Hz

Max. power

0.55 kW

0.80 kW


1300 x 600 x 830 mm

2350 x 780 x 930 mm


135 kg

390 kg


CE – Declaration of conformity
CO – Certificate of origin (on request)

Technical information may differ slightly.

Optional features of the vacuum pump tank system

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