Vacuum press bags for veneering, laminating and bending all kinds of wood

Global vacuum bag presses have been around for almost 30 years and they have proved highly suitable for veneering, laminating and bending all kinds of wood.  Thanks to their easy handling, fast operational readiness and versatility, Global bag press systems have become indispensable.

Global Professional vacuum press bags are the entry level for professional use and designed with 1 air evacuation point. The set includes 1 vacuum bag and 2 C-channel closures. A complete vacuum bag press set can be purchased, which includes vacuum bag, vacuum pump and connection hose.



Versatile application possibilities

Simple veneering, laminating and bending plywood

Fully-equipped system

PVC bag, flexible C-clip closure and one air evacuation point

Vacuum bag press systems available

Vacuum pump, vacuum bag and connection hose

Vacuum tanks available

Vacuum pump-tank systems with various connections

Technical information





Bag dimension

1800 x 1300 mm

2300 x 1300 mm

2900 x 1300 mm

Useful press area

1300 x 1250 mm

1900 x 1250 mm

2500 x 1250 mm


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), transparent


0.5 mm

Heat resistant

Up to 80 ºC


320 %

Technical information may differ slightly.

Optional features of the professional vacuum bags

Vacuum manifold
with 2 connections

Vacuum manifold
with 4 connections

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