Powerful vacuum press with integrated Solid Surface heating oven. For thermoforming, veneering, laminating and bending of flat and curved objects.

The Thermoforming Station Duo Cross-Flow is an innovative “One-Machine” solution for pre-heating, thermoforming and woodworking applications. The machine combines a Global vacuum membrane press and convection oven in one unit.

The robust and ergonomically-designed machine meets the needs of all trained woodworkers and craftsmen who need a powerful press for their day-to-day operations. The top-mounted vacuum press is available in two models to suit individual needs in professional woodworking and Solid Surface vacuum forming. The bottom-mounted hot air convection heating oven is characterised by its patented Global Cross-Flow heating technology, ensuring a uniform and reliable heating process of Solid Surface, plastic and composite materials. The material to be pre-heated is placed on a manually sliding tray with toggle-clamps closure system.
Global’s “auto-tuning” electronic temperature control system drops the electrical consumption to only 12% of its starting kW when the pre-set temperature is reached. Only about 2 kW is required to maintain the Cross-Flow oven at the desired temperature.


Patented Global Cross-Flow heating technology

Guarantees tension-free and uniform heating procedure

Vacuum press model desired

Available Professional vacuum press

Easy operation

Vacuum pressure switch and super light sliding heating drawer

Optional heating hood available

Heating hood for woodworking, up to 80 ºC

Technical information





Press area

2540 x 1420 mm

3140 x 1420 mm

3740 x 1420 mm

Heating area

2400 x 950 mm

3000 x 950 mm

3600 x 950 mm


Manual operation
Vacuum control valve
Digital temperature control unit
Timer function

Vacuum pump

40 m3/h vacuum pump, rotary vane, oil-free
Pressure switch (auto power ON/OFF)

Max. pressure

Max. pressure 8.5 t/m2 = 150 mbar abs.

Vacuum press

18 mm wear- and heat-resistant HPL compact board
Multi-perforated grid line raster for even air evacuation
2 mm silicone rubber membrane
Working height 950 mm

Heating oven

Max. temperature 190 ºC
Global’s Patented “Cross-Flow” convection heating system
Closed air circuit with circulating air distribution
Electronic temperature control system with “Auto-tuning”
Manual sliding drawer and heat insulated chamber
Working height 450 mm


4 x 200 mm Industrial swivel wheels, 2 with break

Elec. connection

220/400V, 3~, 50/60 Hz

Max. power

19.0 kW


3200 x 1650 x 1020 mm

3800 x 1650 x 1020 mm

4400 x 1650 x 1020 mm


±970 kg

±1080 kg

±1190 kg


CE – Declaration of conformity
CO – Certificate of origin (on request)

Technical information may differ slightly.

Optional features of the cross-flow thermoforming station

High-volume membrane,
250 or 500 mm

Air turbines for
accelerated cooling

Heating hood,
up to 80 ºC

Additional vacuum pump, 40 m³/h

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