Double-sided aluminium platen oven for pre-heating Solid Surfaces, plastics and composite materials

The Global Industrial thermoforming oven offers the best heating technology for a tension-free, flawless heating process of acrylic Solid Surface materials, plastics and composite materials. It is the most efficient, convenient system available in the market.

The technology consists of direct contact heating via top and bottom aluminium heating platens, guaranteeing a gentle, even heat distribution throughout the entire thickness and surface of the material. During pre-heating the material is held flat between the two aluminium platens, without being subjected to pressure, which results in short heating cycles with simultaneous uniform heating.

Global ovens with electrical aluminium platens offer a superior energy-efficient heating technology thanks to the pre-programmed “auto-tuning”, which heats up the platens along a curve. The closer to the pre-set temperature, the lower the energy consumption, with an accuracy of ± 2 ºC. Once the electrical platens have reached the pre-set temperature, only 10% of the initial energy consumption is needed to maintain the temperature.
The optional feature of 2 individual heating zones offers additional energy-savings ranging between 33% and 66%, achieved by heating only 1/3 or 2/3 of the total heating surface.

The Global Industrial thermoforming oven has been developed for short, tension-free, flawless pre-heating cycles and are equipped with a state-of-the-art foot pedal operation for the top heating platen. As such, it is the only oven on the market that the operator can load and unload “hands free”. The most convenient way of working with a thermoforming oven: no heat loss, safer and faster.


Quick and uniform heating process

Double-sided heating platens, top and bottom

Operating temperature up to 220ºC

Temperature control for each heating platen and zone

Occupational safety systems

Safety cord around the entire oven

Hands-free loading and unloading from 3 sides

Vertical opening and closing system by foot pedals

Technical information





Heating area

2600 x 1050 mm
2600 x 1480 mm

3200 x 1050 mm
3200 x 1480 mm

3800 x 1050 mm
3800 x 1480 mm


Convenient and easy loading & unloading
Unique pneumatic vertical opening-closing system
Digital temperature control
Auto timer function with light & sound indicator

Heat tech

Double-sided electric heating platen
Anodised aluminium platen
Electronic temperature control system with “Auto-tuning”


Max. 180 ºC (optional up to 220 ºC)

Working height

1000 mm


4 x 125 mm Industrial swivel wheels with break

Safety system

Emergency Stop
Safety cord around entire oven

Elec. connection

220/400V, 3~, 50/60 Hz

Max. power

19.5 kW
27.0 kW

24.0 kW
32.0 kW

28.0 kW
37.0 kW


3410 x 1150 x 1790 mm
3410 x 1580 x 1790 mm

4010 x 1150 x 1790 mm
4010 x 1580 x 1790 mm

4610 x 1150 x 1790 mm
4610 x 1580 x 1790 mm


900 kg
1150 kg

1080 kg
1380 kg

1300 kg
1635 kg


CE – Declaration of conformity
CO – Certificate of origin (on request)

Technical information may differ slightly.

Optional features of the industrial thermoforming oven

2 Heating zones

Heating temperature
up to 220 ºC

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