Hot air pre-heating oven for Solid Surface, plastic and composite materials

The Global Cross-Flow thermoforming oven is designed for a perfectly uniform pre-heating process of Solid Surfaces, thermoplastics and composite materials. The heating technology consists of Global´s proprietary cross-flow convection, which ensures an unbeatable uniform heat distribution inside the heating chamber.

Global’s “auto-tuning” electronic temperature control system drops the electrical consumption to only 12% of its starting kW when the pre-set temperature is reached. Only about 2 kW is required to maintain the Cross-Flow oven at the desired temperature.

The material to be pre-heated is placed onto a manually sliding tray and the cross-flow technology guarantees a reliable, even heating process. The system is also suitable for tempering and similar thermo treatments.

The oven is equipped with an adjustable digital electronic temperature controller, and digital timer with light signal. The Global Cross-Flow thermoforming oven is characterised by its robust construction, easy operation and uniform heat distribution, which guarantees a tension-free heating process.


Patented Global Cross-Flow heating technology

Guarantees tension-free and uniform heating procedure

Extreme fast operational readiness

Ready to operate under 15 minutes (15 to 160 ºC)

Easy loading and unloading

Wide opening roller-slide drawer

Energy-saving design

Insulated chamber and heat curtain for best energy savings

Technical information





Heating area

2400 x 1000 mm
2400 x 1400 mm

3000 x 1000 mm
3000 x 1400 mm

3600 x 1000 mm
3600 x 1400 mm


Roller-mounted drawer system, manual
Digital temperature control
Timer function

Heat tech

Global’s Patented “Cross-Flow” heating system
Electronic temperature control system with “Auto-tuning”


Max. 190 ºC

Working height

950 mm


4 x adjustable anti-slip feet

Elec. connection

220/400V, 3~, 50/60 Hz

Max. power

 17 kW
25 kW

 17 kW
25 kW

 17 kW
25 kW


3200 x 1210 x 1000 mm
3200 x 1630 x 1000 mm

3800 x 1210 x 1000 mm
3800 x 1630 x 1000 mm

4400 x 1210 x 1000 mm
4400 x 1630 x 1000 mm


635 kg
825 kg

690 kg
910 kg

750 kg
970 kg


CE – Declaration of conformity
CO – Certificate of origin (on request)

Technical information may differ slightly.

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